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Concept embodied by an energetic and endearing siblings lulled by Lebanese cuisine since their childhood.



mazmiz Story


“A name scented with the flavors of Lebanon, a joyous tone marked with a fresh and contemporary concept.

This particular naming brings to life many facets, be it in its literal meaning orin its lettering.

Mazmiz in Lebanese dialect means to savor a selection of dishes with colleagues, friends and loved ones or even by yourself.

It is also an anagram made of two names, “Ziad” and “Madeleine”. Mazmiz incarnates the energy of these two siblings that have been raised alongside the warmth ofLebanese dishes since their birth”.

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The concept

We wanted to create an establishment that looks like us, where heritage and modernity meet in total synergy.  

At Mazmiz, cuisine is a family story, the menu is inspired by Phenicia - Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, our parent’s restaurant, who, inspired by our aunties recipes, developed their own.

Our mission is to continue to deliver this healthy and varied cuisine while constantly adding our innovative and fresh breath. We propose a buffet of cold and hot mezzes where you can create your own dishes to enjoy at Mazmiz or take away.

Through our GRAB & GO wall mounted fridge, we offer you a selection of Lebanese wraps and salads, a variety of mezzes and ready -made dishes. Our approach to food is a sustainable one, where the usage of a maximum of organic  foods is put together in a friendly atmosphere, respecting the produce and the environment. 

We simply desire to welcome our clients with a warm-hearted ambiance and sane foods.

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Madeleine & Ziad

The story of a brother and sister who have lived with the flavors of Lebanese cuisine since childhood.

Our family fled the war in 1986 and decided to open a Lebanese restaurant in France where our father and uncle reinterpreted the family recipes, and reproduced a homey cuisine.

7 years later, our father decided to introduce these recipes to Brussels and open up Phenicia restaurant. We have been immersed in the world of food and hospitality from a young age, hence, our unrivaled passion for this profession.   

Having worked together in total harmony at our family establishment, and with both a BA inHotel Management from la Haute Ecole de Namur, we have decided to make real a dream  we both had, which was opening our own business.

After graduation, we took different career routes to wind up again, a while later on our initial dream, the creation of this unique concept“Mazmiz”.

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